why sport participation is on the decline:

As per research shared by GLEN MULCAHY and posted on June 8, 2017

Of those parents who felt their expectations for their child’s sport experience had not been met, the following were the most cited reasons:
  • Lack of interest/participation (25 %)
  • Poor coaching/supervision (14 %)
  • Too much emphasis on winning (12%)
  • Parental influence/pressure (8 %)

athlete now coaches attend glazier football coaching clinics


There was no Winter Football Fundaments Camp scheduled for Sunday, January 28th so that the Coaches of ATHLETE NOW could attend the Football Coaching Clinics hosted by Glazier Clinics. These clinics provide immense insight into skills, drills, plays and strategy into one of the most competitive sports in the United States.

Continuous development of our Coaching team means continuous improvement of our athletes. We can't wait to show you.

Beautiful Phoenix/Mesa sunset, Thursday, January 24th, 2018